Family-Portrait, Portrait, Portraiture,
Family portrait; Ryan, Bridget, and Isabella
Mother-Daughter, Portrait, Family-Portrait, Studio-Portrait, Portraiture
Bridget, and Isabella
Father-Daughter, Family-Portrait, Studio-Portrait, Portrait, Portraiture
Ryan with 6 weeks old Isabelle

Time passes so quickly. Thirty years from now Ryan, Bridget and Isabella will be happy that this fleeting moment early on in Isabella’s life was recorded.

No surprise that when a disaster strikes people worldwide return to the site and one of the first things they search for are family pictures.

To book a moment in time with your family or friends contact me to schedule your portrait session.

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Milestones to Remember

Portrait, Portraiture, Chef, Mark Miller, Santa Fe,
Chef Mark Miller in his kitchen at home in Santa Fe, NM

I particularly enjoy photographing people within their environment. Their place and stuff helps create a stage set for the story around their life. The warmth, beauty and energy in this home kitchen in Santa Fe is very much a reflection of the personality of famed chef Mark Miller.

To discuss a portrait of you within your environment contact me.

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Chef Mark Miller

Family Portrait
Reba Foster with her daughters Faye Foster and Patti Eastep

Family portraits serve many purposes; illustrating the relationships between family members, marking a point in time, and showing the personalities of each person in the family.

No wonder when a natural disaster happens people universally search through the rubble to find family portraits which serve as a memory. It is axiomatic of the human condition that we are connected to memory.

When you want to create a memory of your family contact me for a portrait session:

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Family Portrait

Family portrait.

Business Headshot, Portrait, Portraiture,
Director of Research, ExxonMobil, Fairfax, Virginia

Collaborating with executives and business people to create a warm, connected and “real” portrait is often a challenge. They are working under demands on their time and attention and feel the pressures of their position. Being able to engage with them so they feel safe enough to open up and show their personality and be present is often the primary challenge. I am proud of this portrait. He gave to the photo session as much as I did. The portrait was successful because he made his personality and energy available for me to observe.

Until recently my assignments have been on location worldwide. Now I work from my Studio in Sarasota, Florida. Contact me to set up an appointment. I’ll work with you to create a successful portrait.

To see a collection of portraits visit my website: and go to the gallery Portraits.

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Business Portrait

Executive portraits.

TED Talks, TED Conference, New Port, Rhode Island, Author,
Gloria Nagy, author and Richard Saul Wurman creator of the TED Conferences.

Portrait of Gloria Nagy, author and Richard Saul Wurman creator of the TED Talks, in their home in New Port, Rhode Island. I made this image of them for a GE ad promoting GE-Monogram appliances. The concept was to show “Style” influencers in situ.

After decades of photographing people in the places where they live, now I am photographing people in the place where I live, Sarasota, Florida. To arrange a portrait session contact me at I can photograph you in my Studio in downtown Sarasota or come to your location.

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Portrait; Gloria Nagy and Richard Saul Wurman.

Open Studio, Art Central, Sarasota, Florida, Culture, Art,
Art Central season final open studios. Saturday, March 30, 2019, 11 am to 4 pm.

This season’s final open studio’s is Saturday, March 30, 2019. Participating artists include: Lucy Barber, Painter, Kathy Wright, Painter, Miri Hardy, Potter, Wayne Eastep, Photographer. Come to see our studios and buy art directly from us.

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Season Final Open Studios at Art Central March 30, 2019


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