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Photographer Wayne Eastep installing prints at Eastep Gallery

Photographer Wayne Eastep installing prints for the collection “The Living Seas” at Eastep Photography Gallery.

The exhibit of images will be on display December 22nd 11 am to 4 pm at 1338 Central Avenue Sarasota, Florida 34236.

The images are being offered to lift our spirits after the depressing experience with “red tide” along the coast of Sarasota in recent months.  These beautiful underwater images were photographed in the Carribean, the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico. They show what a healthy marine environment looks like.

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The Living Seas collection

Underwater photographs on display at Eastep Photography Gallery December 22nd, 1338 Central Avenue, Sarasota Florida 34236


Saturday May 6, 2016 10:00 am Patti and Wayne Eastep share their experiences of living with the Al Amrah bedouin clan in Saudi Arabia.   The radio interview will air on WSLR program “Let’s Talk About The Middle East”

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Patti in traditional Bedouin dress in the Saudi Arabian desert.

Bedouin, Nomadic, Nomadic Culture, AlAmrah, AlMarri, Saudi Arabia, Wayne Eastep, Documentary Photography,

Wayne Eastep in traditional Bedouin dress photographing in Saudi Arabia.

Al Amrah, Al Marri, Al Murrah, Bedouin, Bedu, Nomadic, Nomadic Tribe, Saudi Arabia, Dahana Sands, Documentary,

Al Amrah bedouin clan of the AL Marri Tribe preparing coffee in the Dahana Sands of Saudi Arabia.

To see more images of the Al Marri Tribe visit

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Patti and Wayne Eastep experiences with the Al Amrah bedouin clan