While living in New York City I often made a study of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Living in midtown I would look downtown and see the towers. Moving around the city and coming up from the subway I would look for the towers giving me an immediate sense of where I was in the city. They became an orientation a defining feature of the cityscape.

Over the years I photographed a variety of assignments there; Buckminster Fuller giving a lecture, and ad for Windows on the World, corporate marketing for UPS, etc.  As I moved around the city I would observe the towers making images of them in relationship to the various neighborhoods. Like many New Yorkers I oriented physically and psychologically with the twin towers. That sense remains with me, I think it always will.

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Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, Orientation and Relationship

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Bahamas, Sand Banks

This image along with a dozen other images of water from around the world will be on exhibit March 31, 2018 11am to 4pm  at Eastep Photography open studio Central Creative Commons, 1338 Central Avenue, Sarasota, Florida 34236

Fellow artists in C-3 (Central Creative Commons) Lucy Barber, Kathy Wright, Brandy Eiger will also have their studios open to the public.

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Healing Power of Photographic Art

I remember the feeling of peace and calm when I made this image at dawn.  The quiet was accompanied by the chirps and songs of birds nearby and far away. 

Original photographic image used for interior decor

So it felt right when this image was selected by Jerri Menaul of Art Vitae for installation at the new cancer center, Florida Cancer Specialist & Research Institute in north Fort Meyers, Florida.

The interior space was a long wall between the administrative offices and exam rooms.  While documenting the installation a number of staff and patients stopped to say how positive it was for them to have this beautiful and peaceful image in a place of medical treatment and healing.  As an artist, knowing that the energy I put into creating an image  has capability to connect with others and enhance their lives is a reward in and of itself.



To see other examples of how my images have enriched corporate and residential spaces visit the gallery, Art Decor Installations on my website:  https://www.WayneEastep.com

Photographic art display in medical center.

                Florida Cancer Specialist and Research Institute, Cape Coral Cancer Center


Photographic art display in medical center.

Cape Coral Cancer Center

             Florida Cancer Specialist and Research Institute, Fort Myers, Florida


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Healing Power of Photographic Art

Kazakhstan is dotted with 48,000 lakes, many small like this mirror-surfaced one at Ush-Konyr near Fabrichny

Kazakhstan is dotted with 48,000 lakes, many small like this mirror-surfaced one at Ush-Konyr near Fabrichny

 Lake Ush-Konyr is a one of my favorite places with no  power lines in sight, silent and serene.  Kazakhs consider  lakes  the eyes of the sky.
Kazakhstan is a place of irony.  Some of the worst man-made disasters; Aral Sea and Polygon have occurred in Kazakhstan.  Some of the most beautiful and pristine places on earth are to be found in Kazakhstan.
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Eyes of the Sky

Nature, underwater

Nature’s Design

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Solitary Disk Coral (Scolymia lacera) Bonaire

Life underwater is a world of dreamlike images.  The surprising luminosity, electric color and intriguing shapes are what interest me. Exploring this magical realm is a transcendent experience.

To see more underwater image visit my Image Archive:  EastepPhotography.com 

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A Forty Year Love Affair

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Professor Rontgen Parrot Tulip

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Parrot Tulips on 29th Street, New York City

I’ve had a forty-year love affair with the parrot tulip.  There are a few moments when I meet someone or discover something in nature when a connection is established that lasts a lifetime.  I’ve been blessed with a few of these moments, the first time I saw Patti’s  eyes, she’s been my wife for 45 years.  The moment I looked into Layla’s face in the delivery room, 26 years later I am still in love with my daughter.  Then there’s the parrot tulip.

The first time I saw a parrot tulip was forty years ago while walking in the rain along Madison Avenue in New York City.  A corner flower shop had a  funnel-shaped galvanized bucket full of parrot tulips among the flowers on display.  Even now I remember the response I had, it was mainly wonderment.  Looking at the tulip was like looking at a flame painted into a flower.

A few years ago I had a florist importer order direct from Holland two dozen parrot tulips.  They were delivered every Monday during their blooming period.  I would take them into my studio, study them and make new visual discoveries each week. The first image with the black background is an image from one of those sessions.

Earlier this year while walking in the rain along 29th street near my apartment in New York City I came upon two parrot tulips.  There were growing within a metal enclosure around a Ginko tree. I got down low to take a closer look when I noticed the taxis heading westbound on 29th street.  The image of that moment is the second one in this post.

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Let the Sunshine in

Lighting inside Egyptian tomb

Ancient Egyptians used mirrors to reflect the sun into a second mirror which directed the sunlight inside the tomb. This solution made it possible for the sculptors and artisans to see while working inside the tomb.


Interior of tomb at Deir El-Medina "Thebes"

Artifact on interior tomb wall at Deir El-MedinaThebes” lit by sunlight reflected on two handheld mirrors

Ancient Egyptians used two hand held mirrors to capture the sunlight and direct it inside and onto interior tomb walls.  This made it possible for sculptors and artisans to work on hieroglyphs and pictographs within the dark interiors.  Deir El-Medina, “Thebes” is the location of tombs for many  artisans who built tombs for the pharaohs.

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