Detail area of a large mound of sulfur.

Sulfur is a by-product of oil refining and gas production. This mountain of sulfur was at the Hess refinery in St. Croix, US V.I.. The way that certain areas of the sulfur retained moisture and others dried combined with the way the sulfur pellets moved created this beautiful abstraction and range of rich color.

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Abstract images from the world of industry create strong graphic and colorful statements.

Subjects from the world of industry offer a surprising collection of strong graphic and colorful images which bring surprising energy into a space. When the subject is abstracted as it is here the result can introduce ambiguity which activates the imagination and invites your own interpretation. Because of the elemental nature of the shapes and the richness of the color the image can be appreciated for its intrinsic beauty.

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Industrial Art: Sulfur

Art of industrial subjects used as strong graphic images within an interior space.


Elephant-ears, Water, Aquatic-gardens, Washington-DC,

Aquatic Gardens, Washington, DC

Serenity series opening tomorrow March 31, 2018, 11 am to 4 pm  1340 Central Avenue (between 13 & 14th streets) Sarasota, Florida 34234.

Surprise Addition 

 Original Andy Warhol screen print no. 131/250 Onion Soup

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Andy Warhol Onion Soup no. 131/250 screen print

To be exhibited and available for purchase, limited time.


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Opening Tomorrow + Surpise

Andy Warhol screen print Onion Soup original



FLORAL ESSENCE is available in hardcover and softcover versions through Blurb.

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42 page book showcasing photographic art prints of flowers on exhibition at the Flour Parlor in Sarasota, FL

The 42 page book showcases the photographic art prints by Wayne Eastep on exhibit at the Flour Parlor in Sarasota, Florida. I hope you enjoy the exquisite design and lush beauty of these flowers. Thank you for your support.

When you are in Sarasota come by and see the show and enjoy some very fine coffee and tasty desserts by Amy Nichols of the Flour Parlor.

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One of Sarasota’s finest boutique bakeries is exhibiting Flower Essence, a show of photographic art prints by photographer Wayne Eastep.


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