While living in New York City I often made a study of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Living in midtown I would look downtown and see the towers. Moving around the city and coming up from the subway I would look for the towers giving me an immediate sense of where I was in the city. They became an orientation a defining feature of the cityscape.

Over the years I photographed a variety of assignments there; Buckminster Fuller giving a lecture, and ad for Windows on the World, corporate marketing for UPS, etc.  As I moved around the city I would observe the towers making images of them in relationship to the various neighborhoods. Like many New Yorkers I oriented physically and psychologically with the twin towers. That sense remains with me, I think it always will.

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Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, Orientation and Relationship


2 thoughts on “Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, Orientation and Relationship

  1. Gary, I share your feelings about the image with the cemetery in the foreground. The cemetery is Calvert Cemetery in queens near the midtown tunnel. When I uploaded the image to my blog I saw it was sized too large to show the entire image. I did the same thing you did, scroll down to see the whole image and the cemetery came into the composition. It affected me very much. I decided to leave the layout as it is now.
    Thank you for the compliment on my photography.


  2. Gareth Steen says:

    Wow, Wayne. Your work never fails to amaze me. As I slowly scrolled down the photo on top, the juxtaposition of the cemetery with the towerst was startling and sobering in its impact. How appropriate on the 19th anniversary of their demise. How can that be nearly two decades already. (Did you take that from one of the big cemeteries in Brooklyn?)


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