I saw this first image as I drove along Fruitville road in downtown Sarasota, Florida.

I quickly took a picture with my iPhone camera and the camera recorded what I saw and what I pointed it toward. What caught my attention was the golden light on the side of the building and I observed an intriguing pattern of light on the balconies. I then made the second image creating what my mind’s eye observed.

In May I am offering another iPhone Camera course to help you make creative images of what your mind’s eye observes rather than simply taking pictures of what your iPhone camera sees. Register ASAP the April course filled in the first week registration was open.

Read the announcement at the bottom of this blog post to learn more and how to register.

Desota Condo, Downtown, Sarasota, Florida
Desota Condo downtown Sarasota, Florida
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What my mind’s eye observed of the Desota Condo, Sarasota, Florida
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Seeing & Observing with the iPhone camera