Having come from Sarasota, Florida earlier in the day the visual impact of the 4th of July 2017 celebration in Washington, D.C. under the reign of Donald J. Trump caught my attention.

Crowds, 4th of July, Washington, D.C.

Crowd leaving 4th of July celebration, Arlington, Va

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Security for 4th of July 2017, Arlington, VA, United States of America.



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State of July 4th Celebration in Washington, D.C.

Security in Washington, D.C. 2017 Fourth of July celebration.


Graduation is an occasion  by the bright and brilliant to share their big ideas about what is important.  This important speech was given at his graduation from the presidency Jan. 17, 1961.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower as he was leaving office  on Jan.17,1961  warned us of the military industrial complex.  We have failed his warning.  But like most things in life there is always opportunity for change. The real threat we face in America is not a military invasion.  The real treat is  effectively educating our young people, providing jobs that pay a real living wage, health care for every citizen, increasing our investment in research for curing or preventing Alzheimer’s.  Our country is threatened from within not from outside.


Our Ancestors are Whispering

1937 Photography by Dorothea Lang

Photograph by Dorothea Lang in 1937, Kern County, California. Photographed for the Farm Security Administration and now lives in the archives of the Library of Congress.

The human character has the capacity for doing good and being greedy.  Throughout time a few power hungry people have tried and more often than not succeeded in dominating the many.  The central hope within the idea of democracy is that we each have equal power to determine our way forward.  That power is the vote.  Fellow citizens and patriots through the ages have worked hard, sacrificed and fought so that the power of the state stays invested in the will of the people.  We must protect that legacy and sacred RIGHT.  It is our time now and we must work hard, sacrifice  and fight for our right to use our vote and determine our future.

The insane amount of money being spent by both Democrats and Republicans borders on the vulgar and is an insult to the democratic process.  Democracy assumes that we the citizens are intelligent enough to make good choices.  The hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to advertise each parties message belies that concept.  The very nature of the political advertising is an attempt to manipulate us, heat up our prejudices and exploit our  fears.  As one citizen I can and I will do the one thing I can VOTE.