Removable vinyl wall decal

Covering your wall with a beautiful and peaceful image makes an effective background for your online meetings when using apps like Zoom or Skype.

The vinyl decal will bring style and drama to your decor. You can easily install the print using a removable peel and stick adhesive vinyl. When you want to change to a different image peel the removable decal off, roll it up and store it. Then install the new image.

The wall decal can be removed, re-positioned and reused without damaging your paint or wall.

Feather grasses, Kazakhstan

Email me to discuss available images, sizes and cost.

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Removable wall decal as a background for online meetings.

Removable wall decals as background for online video meetings.

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Peel and stick mural for online video meetings.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the way we communicate. Millions of people are using apps like Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, Skype, etc. Many users are sitting in front of bookshelves, doors, windows and a range of objects that draw attention away from you and distract.

Consider upping your online presence and go professional. Select an image that can be printed on a removable peel and stick wall mural.

Contact me to find a beautiful affordable background. The print can be modest in size to fit behind you when online or it can be wall paper that covers an entire wall.

When you want or need to change the image simply peel it away from the wall (leaving no marks or damage to the wall) roll it up to use another time. Then attach the new print.

I have a large selection of images to choose from:

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Peel and Stick Murals for Online Meetings

Peel and stick murals as a background for your online video meeting.