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Saudi Arabia has dunes, Kazakhstan has mountains, Kyoto has gardens, Iceland…well just about everything, Sarasota has skies

This time of year Sarasota has dramatic skies. Beyond the the beauty of nature there is an opportunity to experience in an elemental way the energy of connection between heaven and earth. Sometimes the clouds are dark and foreboding and even then behind the darkness there is light. Taking time to be present and take in the moment can be a teaching. Nature is the source.

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Heaven and Earth



Pyramid at Giza

A man climbing on the great pyramid at Giza, Egypt

While editing images from Egypt I came across this one I photographed of a single person climbing on the great pyramid at Giza. The relationship of the person to the pyramid got me to thinking about the situation today in Egypt.

Small men with big egos may dominate a country for a short time. Countries with strong character and great heritage prevail.