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The upside of advertising photography

So what’s cooking in the kitchen?

This ad features Paris-born designer Robert Couturier and his partner Jeffrey Morgan at their elegant Connecticut home filled with centuries of antique treasures.  It is the most recent of 16 ads I’ve shot for the GE-Monogram brand campaign, “So what’s cooking in the kitchen?”  The theme of the campaign features people whose personal and professional lives exemplify style.  Working on projects like this is one of the reasons I do lifestyle advertising photography.  In addition to meeting and working with superbly talented people like Robert and Jeffrey, I get to see and photograph beautiful and fascinating places I normally would not have access to.  Another great benefit is the fabulous food.

Some of the other people I’ve photographed for this campaign include:  Mark Miller, Martha Stewart, Alton Brown, Bo & Heidi Barrett, Richard Wurman & Gloria Nagy, Annette Theisen, Thomas & Justyna Roszak, Phil & Jamie Kellogg, David Cornell & Mea Argentieri, David & Macarena Dearie, John Dransfield & Geoffrey Ross, B. Smith & Dan Gasby, Dr. Walt & Suzie Fairfax, Donald Trump, and Jay Leno.

If you are privileged as I am to work on exceptional projects like this, you’ll acknowledge that the ad only succeeds if the client supports the concept completely.  Paul Klein from GE-Monogram is such a client. The creatives at the agency must have a clear idea grounded in the uniqueness of the product—it’s all about the idea.  Bill and Sheila    McCaffery of The Creative Farm exemplify an approach to advertising that focuses on a clear idea.  I turn the idea into an image, but it’s my team who make it happen.  William DeVincenzo, “D,”  is my right hand man who makes sure every detail is taken care of.  On jobs like these it’s all about the details.

Images of the Couturier Morgan home in Connecticut.  If you would like to hear Robert talk about his new kitchen visit:                                             

Courturier CT home

To see other images I’ve shot in this campaign visit:


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