Watching the dysfunctional circle game going on in Washington over raising the debt ceiling reminded me of an image my mentor Bill Stettner made back in the 1970’s.   It’s a symbol for what the politicians are playing with in our capital.

I propose a solution.  Given that the meetings have been going on for months and the only thing that has happened is that our citizens have been pushed closer to the brink of disaster, and those who got us here are mostly men we need to pivot—this is not working.  Those in the meeting should pick up the phone and call their wives and ask them to get the kids and bring them to the White House where they sit in on the meetings.  The least these men can do is allow their wives and children to be witness to the disaster they are causing.

I am paying attention, taking names and will be back November 2012


One thought on “Imploding

  1. “It’s inconceivable to me that the president would actually follow through on this [veto] threat,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said on Thursday. He accused Democrats of “playing with fire”.
    Since the 1980’s the Republicans have cleverly manipulated language to create perception. Here again they twist language to make it seem that others are to blame when they have created the stressed situation we now find ourselves in. No it is the Republicans in Congress who have set the fire they will be responsible for the damage to the common good. Wayne Eastep


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