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Rain over the world’s largest marsh

Sawgrass under a summer storm in the Florida Everglades

A welcome summer storm over the Florida Everglades

Finally rain.  South Florida has suffered through a dangerously dry period so the recent rains are welcome.  This storm was over the Everglades on Sunday June 26, 2011.  One of the features of the Florida Everglades is the way light falls on the Sawgrass creating a magnificent pattern on the grasses.  Sawgrass, Cladium jamaicense, is technically not a grass but a sedge.  Sawgrass is one of the oldest plant species and perfectly suited to the harsh conditions of a swamp.  It represents one of those detail features of nature which we must protect.  The horizontal profile of the Everglades creates a visual condition which has a calming and peaceful effect.  Take a moment and enjoy.  Wayne


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