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Alvin Watching Cute Puppies

Dog watching DogAlvin, our Bichon Frise, looking at pictures of cute puppies on the computer.  And I thought the four year old in the restaurant today hyper-focused on her personal tablet was technology gone too far.  I am beginning to think there is no “too much.”

No, I did not put Alvin at the computer – he put himself there.  Comments welcomed.



7 thoughts on “Alvin Watching Cute Puppies

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  2. Madrid says:

    I downloaded a cat ap for iPad and now my cats won’t let me use my own iPad. Yesterday Tiguidou caught 48 virtual mice. I’m amazed that they accept a two-dimensional representation of reality.


  3. You should probably talk to him about Photoshop and make clear that the images of puppies online are not a reflection of puppies in real life. You know he can be a little neurotic.

    (I am amazed he is not afraid of the computer too… after all it can be considered an appliance.)


  4. Bob (Jerry) Hawkins says:

    Was Alvin on a Puppy Dating web site? Don’t let him get near your cell phone or credit cards. I see the cell phone in the photo, better check for 900 numbers too.


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