Catipillar, Florida, Monarch Butterfly, Sarasota                         Caterpillar (Monarch) eating in preparation for metamorphosis

Butterfly, Butterfly Life Stages, Florida Chrysalis, Monarch, Pupa, Sarasota                                                 Magnificent shelter of the Monarch

Butterfly, Monarch, Pupa                                               Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis

Monarch Butterfly                                        Monarch drying it’s wings preparing for the first flight

Ten days are the time of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.   Over the four hours before the butterfly emerges the emerald-green color of the  chrysalis case will change becoming transparent. During this phase you can see through the case markings of the Monarchs wings wrapped tight around the caterpillar/butterfly body.   In order to see this spectacular performance one needs to sit and watch, the change can happen at anytime. Leaving for one minute could result in missing the magical moment.  Patience rewards with a memory of wonderment and beauty that you can recall and cherish, what a precious gift.

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Circle of Life in Ten Days