“Flower Essence”

There is universality in the appeal of flowers.

Every corner deli in New York City has flowers for sale. Dubai Flower Centre has a hanger dedicated to importing and exporting flowers from around the world. City and suburban grocery stores sell flowers. Along the city streets in Kazakhstan, roadside stands offer flower bouquets for house gifts.

Flowers, New York City, Deli
Flowers at a New York  City Deli

When looking at a flower I view the flower with my mind’s eye, not just my eyes. Focusing on the complexity of design and color nuance of each flower enhances my sense of observation. Using the ocular of the camera’s lens, I explore and express what my mind’s eye is seeing. When I focus on a flower, this visual connection is transformed into an emotional one. I see beauty. I sense grace. I am moved by the marvel of design within the flower.

This experience  represents  a first principle of existence for me: transference of energy or spirit.  It is the bond between the human spirit and the spirit within nature. When that momentary connection is made, the rejuvenating power of nature is activated. Perhaps this is why flowers have a universal appeal.

We all see or feel something unique in art, even when looking at the same object. When I look at the images of flowers in this collection, I see many different things: beauty, complexity, grace, design, sensuality and delicacy.

I would love to read what you see, sense, and feel in response to looking at the flowers in this collection:  “Flower Essence” at WayneEastep.com.

You may write me  at WayneEastep@gmail.com.

If you would like to share with a broader audience feel free to comment on my website’s blog  WayneEastep.com, or my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/WayneEastepPhotography

Art, creativity, Design, Flowers, Interior Design, Nature

Seeing with my Mind’s Eye

When I look at a flower I realize I view the flower with my mind’s eye not just my eyes.


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