People who have influenced me

Nothing new under the sun?

Manuscript illustration

15th c. manuscript illustration, Kazakhstan

Solomon declared long ago, “there is nothing new under the sun.”  This statement is only partially accurate.  Granted the human condition today is similar to the way it was in Solomon’s time.   However, our study of the laws of nature teaches us that each day under the sun things are new and renewed.  What is new is how we each experience life.  Seeing is one of the glorious ways we observe life.

I see in a unique way.  There are many who’ve informed  and influenced the way I see and think about all the wonderful new things and people under the sun.  I will use the posts that follow to tell you about some of them: Ernst Haas,  George W. Webber, J. Krishnamurti, Thomas Merton, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Bill Stettner, Burt Glinn,  William McCaffery, Jay Maisel, Patti Foster, Richard Eastep,  Wayne & Reba Foster, Marie Cox, Layla-Ariana Eastep, Jaber Al Amrah, Naser Al Irq, Gordon Bowman, William DeVincenzo “D,” Peter Silvia, Faye Foster, Dennis Henry.


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