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Anna Ferrier’s insights provide a bridge from the “spiritual” to the “real / everyday” dimension of living. What she shares is something akin to a source of perpetual human energy.

Anne Karuna Ferrier


Awaken to the power of the breath.

Breath is the very essence of life; it marks our birth and our death. As a society, we have created rituals around the day we take our first and last breath. We celebrate our birthday each year and after we have taken our last breath, our family and friends come together to mourn and remember our life.  

 In general we seem to pay little attention to the breath; it has become so automatic, that we forget to recognize the life giving power of breath in our life. We can utilize this powerful experience to understand the nature of life better by witnessing the process in a conscious and curious way.

The cycle of in- and out-breath is a metaphor for every process in life: everything begins, ascends, and reaches the top, then the still point before it descends, contracts, dies out and returns…

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